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Heaven    Jones

Brand Manager    Entrepreneur      Artist


I am a brand manager with an entrepreneurial mindset. I have a passion to evolve my career around branding small local businesses. I view the world around us as the best teacher and believe that we should be forever evolving and embody the dynamic spirit of life as we learn.

My Work

Honeypot logo.jpg

The Ask

To expand The HoneyPot Company's product line into the beauty industry 

The Approach

Leverage their current brand to continue to invoke conversations about all the things that make us human 

The Solution

Tackle the stigma behind body hair by creating an all- natural shaving set that supports the way we choose to take care of our bodies.

My Team 

Tracy Okafor, art director

Olivia Bouzigard, brand manager

My Role 

Competitive evaluation 


Deck narrative and design

Category research 

Brand audit


The Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted our work norms, to promote a work from the home environment. 

The Approach

Create a resort concept that allows affluent workcationers to combine the work from home environment with the relaxation of vacation. 

The Solution

The Ash at Somerset Lake a brand new upscale resort that offers elevated and thoughtful amenities that cater to those with growing flexibility in their working arrangements. 

My Team 

Molly Barnett, art director / brand manager

Vivien Zhu, art director / brand manager

Natalie Hogan, brand manager 

My Role 

Consumer research 

Persona development 

Competitive audit

Crux logo_white_red.png

The Situation

Clif Bar & Company has been operating successfully with their belief system that focuses on sustainability and giving back to the community, but is ready to expand into a profitable physical space.

The Approach

Create a brewery for Clif Bar & Company that fosters the adventurous spirit their brand is known for. 

The Solution

Crux brewery, a place that promotes sustainability through adventure, education and service by building community.